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Heritage Park Entrance to Historic District

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This Audio Tour App is brought to you by the Friends of the Concord Covered Bridge Historic District. We are committed to preserve, protect, and promote the history and legacy of this unique and irreplaceable part of Cobb County, Georgia, through education, celebration, and collaboration.

The Vision of The Friends of the Concord Covered Bridge Historic District:

Our collective vision is that the rich historic, cultural, and natural heritage of this area should be preserved and enhanced for the benefit of both local residents and visitors, for generations to come. This vision will be achieved by working with governmental officials, interested organizations, and the communities in and around the District to insure historic conservation and intelligent growth. The result will allow us to maintain and improve this historic place for the welfare of all those who want to visit and enjoy the Concord Covered Bridge Historic District.


You assume all risk of using this app and engaging in all activities with which you use it. The maps within this app are for general reference purposes only. The app is not FAA certified and must not be used for primary navigation. You should independently verify the accuracy of any information you obtain from this app. Vehicle traffic, weather events, wildlife and trail conditions may affect your experience and increase difficult levels; be prepared for changing conditions at all times.

Stay safe and enjoy this audio tour!

Walking tours of the Historic District, with three starting locations:

  1. The Concord Road Trailhead to the Silver Comet Trail
  2. Heritage Park, Fontaine at Nickajack Road
  3. Floyd Road Trailhead to the Silver Comet Trail

The App uses GPS to guide you to each stop, begin the appropriate audio track, and guide you to the next stop. As such, we recommend that you keep your phone within sight of the sky, so that GPS will work best to guide you.

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